£715.68 inc. VAT

The Walk In Single Rabbit Hutch we sell are made from quality timber that is planed all around. This Double Rabbit hutch is designed for you to screw together yourself.

Select required options from below to order.  We also offer a bespoke design service if the size you require is not listed.

Size *

What Size Of Run And Hutch Would You Like.

Side Pet Door *

A small door allows the hutch to connect to a run or just an exit for your pets to get outside from the hutch. Can be left open or closed.

Shutters *

Shutters help keep the wind and rain outside of the mesh section of the hutch.

Solid Roof Panels *

Add extra solid roof panels which are made of solid timber and roofing felt to you product.
You can create either a full solid roof or half a solid roof:

Add one roof panel for a full solid 6x6ft roof,
Add one roof panel to make a half roof or add two to make a full roof for a 6x9ft, and
Add one, two or three on the 6x12ft size to create either a full or part solid roof.


Would you like us to send you a quote for assembling the hutch when we deliver it?