£181.19 inc. VAT

This high quality budget guinea pig hutch will provide your pet with a sturdy and safe environment to enjoy. You can select the size you want with several customisable options such as a side door so you can combine the hutch with a run if you wish. Select from the drop down menus below to pick the specifications that you require; if you’re unsure of what size would be best we’ve included a size guide.

Select required options from below to order.  We also offer a bespoke design service if the size you require is not listed.

Hutch Size *

Please Select The Size Of Hutch.

Side Pet Door *

A small door allows the hutch to connect to a run or just an exit for your pets to get outside from the hutch. Can be left open or closed.

Shutters *

If you would like to keep the rain and wind out of the rabbit hutch then you can buy a clear plastic shutter that allows light in or a wooden shutter to block light out.

Fox Proof Mesh *

If you are concerned about foxes then we recommend you select the option of 16G mesh and 2 bolts on both doors.

Door Position *

Would you like your solid door on the left or right? And do you want the mesh door on the left or the right?

Stand *

Standard stand is 4.5cm of the ground, small stand is 25cm and large stand is 30cm of the ground.

Bedroom or Open Hutch *

Do you want a bedroom area or open hutch? Open hutch lets you place a house behind the solid door, or if you have a bedroom are that has a divider to separate the mesh section and solid section.


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