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The Guinea Pig Kennel Walk In Height is a large kennel designed to give your pets plenty of room to enjoy and this guinea pig kennel comes in a range of sizes and we have included a guide below to help you pick the right size product for your rabbits.

Select required options from below to order.  We also offer a bespoke design service if the size you require is not listed.

Kennel and run side *

What side would you like the kennel and run on?

Solid Side on the run *

Would you like a solid side in the run.?

Windows *

What windows would you like?

Wooden Shutters *

Would you like any wooden shutters

Inner Mesh Door *

Would you like a inner mesh door?

Stable door *

Would you like a stable door?

Pet Door *

Would you like a pet side door?

Vents *

Would you like Vents in the kennel?

Storage Shelf *

Would you like a storage Shelf in the Kennel area?

Balcony *

Would You Like A Ramp Leading Upto A Balcony? Size 2x2ft & 3x2ft

Run Floor *

Would you like timber flooring in the run?


Would you like us to send you a quote for assembling the product when we deliver it?