The following maintenance and care advice below are to help you look after your products and get the best out of them for many years to come.


  • Each product comes with a standard pet safe treatment unless specified differently. The products are treated inside and outside and as we use a pet safe wood preservative we recommend that you should treat your products with a pet safe treatment like Cuprinol Garden Shades which is available from most DIY shops or any of the Protek range that we now sell.
  • To keep your products looking their best for many years to come, we would recommend you do the following:
  • Treat your products with Cuprinol Garden Shades or Protek products once a year or what the instructions recommend.
  • Every 5 years we recommend you treat your products with a wood persevere like Proteks wood preserver.

Position of Hutches, Sheds, Kennels Runs and other large products

  • Ensure nothing is in contact with your products and that your products are situated at least 10cm away for any walls, fences, buildings etc to stop any moisture soaking in to the timber, damp rising and this allows good ventilation.
  • Products should be raised of the ground to allow good ventilation, either on legs or on a base that gives at least 44mm gap to allow ventilation.
  • Try to Position products away from heavy wind and rain.
  • Snow should be removed from the roof daily.
  • Do not place things on the top of the felt.
  • Check products for damaged roof felt, replace if necessary.
  • Check product at least once a month for any damage and repair as soon as possible, contact us for advice if needed.
  • Lubricate hinges with a suitable oil to ensure continued ease of use.