Lead Time

Our current lead time for the following products is below, we always aim to get your order shipped out as soon as possible but as every product is made to order, handmade in the UK and it takes time. The below is a guideline, we try to get orders built as fast as we can.

Smaller Products: 2 to 8 weeks
Indoor Pens: 8 to 10 weeks
Hutches, Runs & Walk in Runs: 8 to 12 weeks
Sheds & Kennels: 12 weeks

Once you have place a order with us, we do not contact you with update as this takes time away from building the orders. You are welcome to contact us any time requesting a update and we will happily answer.


You can collect you order from our workshop in Warrington, if the product you are ordering is available for collection you can select the option from the checkout page. Collection is by appointment only and you will be contacted when your order is ready to collect.


Delivery charges are based on the size and weight of the products you are ordering.
We offer three delivery options:

  • Our own delivery service,
  • Pallet delivery using a third party company, and
  • Courier delivery for smaller products.
Small Products

All products that when are boxed that are under 100 x 80 x 80cm and weigh less than 30kg are classed as small products. These orders are sent out using UKMail or Parcel Force.

Our Delivery

We offer our own delivery service to Zone 1 for larger products.

Large Products

Products that are larger than 100 x 80 x 80cm or weigh more than 25kg are classed as large products and are sent out on pallets or by our own delivery service. Some large products can be sent on one pallet and some require two or more. If you are ordering in bulk or ordering more than one product and want to save on shipping costs, contact us with your requirements and we maybe able to bring the cost of shipping down by combining the orders on less pallets.

Assembly Service

We can offer a assembly service to Zone 1 and we are working on adding this option to the website. Contact us for prices.

If you are outside zone 1 and want our assembly service please contact us for availability and prices.

Delivery Zones

Zone 1: L, M, WA, WN, BL, CH, CW, OL, SK, BB, BD, HD, HX, LS, PR, S, ST, ST, WF

Zone 2: B, DE, DY, WS, WV, CV, DN, FY, HG, LE, NG, TF, AL, BS, CB, DH, DL, GL, HP, HR, HU, LA1, LA2, LA3, LA4, LL1, LL2, LL3, LL4, LL5, LL6, LL7, LL8, LL9, LL10, LL11,LL12, LL13, LL14, LN, LU, MK, NN, OX, PE, SG, SN, SY1, SY2, SY3, SY3, SY4, SY5, SY6, SY7, SY8, SY9, SY10, SY11, SY12, SY13, SY14, TS, WR, YO, BA, CO, EN, GU, HA, NE, RG, SL, SM, SP, SR, WD, BH, BN1, BN2,, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6, BN7, BN8, BN9, BN10, BN11, BN12, BN13, BN14, BN15, BN16, BN17, BN18, BN19, BR, CM, CF, CR, DT, IP, ME, NP, PO, RH, SA1, SA5, SA6, SA7, SA8, SA9, SA10, SA11, SA12, SA13, SO, SS, TA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA8, TA9, TA10, TA11, TA12, TA13, TA14, TA15, TW, *UB

Zone 3: BN20, BN21, BN22, BN23, BN24 ,BN25, BN26 ,BN27, BN41 ,BN42, BN43, BN45, BN50, BN51, BN52, BN88 ,BN91 ,BN99, DA, IG ,KT, LA5, LA6, LA7, LA8, LA9, LA10, LA11, LA12, LA13, LA14, LA15, LA16, LA17, LA18, LA19, LA20 ,LA21, LA22, LA23, RM, TN, CA, E, EC, EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5 ,EH6, EH7, EH8, EH9, EH10 ,EH12, EH11, EH13, EH14 ,EH15, EH16, EH17, EH18, EH19, EH20 ,EH21, EH22, EH23, EH24, EH25, EH26, EH27, EH28, EH29, EH30 ,EX, KF, G, LL15 ,LL16, LL17, LL18 ,LL19, LL20, LL21, LL22, LL23, LL24, LL25, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33, LL34, LL35, LL36, LL37, LL38, LL39, LL40 ,LL41, LL42, LL43, LL44, LL45, LL46, LL47, LL48, LL49, LL51, LL52, LL53, LL54, LL55, LL56, LL57, LL58, LL59, LL60, LL61, LL62, LL63, LL64, LL65, LL66, LL67, LL68, LL69, LL70, LL71, LL72, LL73, LL74, LL75, LL76, LL77, LL78, ML, N, NW, SE, SW, TQ, W, WC, CT, DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4, DD4, DD6, EH31, EH32, EH33, EH34, EH35, EH36, EH37, EH38, EH39, EH40, EH41, EH42, EH43, EH44, EH45, EH46, EH47, EH48, EH49, EH51, EH52, EH53, EH54, EH55, EH91,EH95, EH99, KA, KY, LD, PA1, PA2, PA3, PA4, PA5, PA6, PA7, PA8, PA9, PA10, PA11, PA12, PA13, PA14, PA15, PA16, PA17, PA18, PA19, PH1, PH5, PH7, PH13, PH14, PL, SA2, SA3, SA4, SA14, SA15, SA16, SA17, SA18, SA19, SA20, SA31, SA32, SA33, SA34, SA35, SA36, SA37, SA38, SA39, SA40, SA41, SA42, SA43, SA44, SA45, SA46, SA47, SA48, SA61, SA62, SA63, SA64, SA65, SA66, SA67, SA68, SA69, SA70, SA71, SA72, SA73, SA80, SA99, SY15, SY16, SY17, SY18, SY19, SY20, SY21, SY22, SY23, SY24, SY25, SY99, TA16, TA17, TA18, TA19, TA20, TA21, TA22, TA23, TA24, TD, TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8, TR9, TR10, TR11, TR12, TR13, TR14, TR15, TR16, TR21, TR22, TR23, TR24,TR25.

Zone 4: DD5, DD7, DD8, DD9, DD10, DD11, PH6 ,PH9 ,PH9, PH9, PH10, PH11, PH12, TR17, TR18, TR19, TR20, TR26, TR27, AB.

Zone 5: IV1, IV2, IV3, IV4, IV5, IV6 ,IV7, IV8 ,IV9, IV10, IV11, IV12, IV13, IV14 IV15, IV16 ,IV17 ,IV18 ,IV19, IV20 ,IV25 ,IV26, IV27 ,IV28, IV30, IV31, IV32, IV36 ,IV63, PH15, PH16, PH17, PH18, PH19, PH20 ,PH21 ,PH22, PH23, PH24, PH25, PH26 ,KW1, KW2, KW3, KW5, KW6 ,KW7, KW8, KW9, KW10, KW11 ,KW12, KW13, KW14, PA21 ,PA22, PA23, PA24, PA25, PA26, PA27, PA28, PA29, PA30, PA31, PA32 ,PA33 ,PA34, PA35, PA36, PA37, PA38, PH30 ,PH31, PH32, PH33, PH34, PH35, PH36, PH37, PH38, PH39, PH40, PH41, PH49, PH50, BT1, BT2, BT3, BT4, BT5, BT6, BT7, BT8, BT9, BT10, BT11, BT12, BT13, BT14, BT15, BT16 ,BT17, BT18, BT19, BT20, BT21, BT22, BT23, BT24, BT25, BT26, BT27, BT28, BT29, BT30, BT31, BT32, BT33, BT34, BT35, BT36, BT37, BT38, BT39, BT40, BT41, BT42, BT43, BT44, BT45, BT46, BT47, BT48, BT49, BT51, BT52, BT53, BT54, BT55, BT56, BT57, BT60, BT61, BT62, BT63, BT64, BT65, BT66, BT67, BT68, BT69, BT70, BT71, BT74, BT75, BT76, BT77, BT78, BT79, BT80, BT81, BT82, BT9, BT93, BT94.

Zone 6: IV21, IV22, IV23, IV24, IV26 ,IV27 ,IV40, IV52, IV53, IV54, HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4 ,HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9 ,IV41 ,IV42, IV43, IV44, IV45, IV46 ,IV47 ,IV48 ,IV49 ,IV51 ,IV55, IV56 ,KA27, KA28 ,KW15, KW16, KW17,PA209 PA41, PA42 ,PA43, PA44,PA45 ,PA46 ,PA47, PA48, PA49, PA60, PA61, PA62 ,PA63, PA64 ,PA65, PA66 ,PA67 ,PA68, PA69 ,PA70 ,PA71, PA72, PA73, PA74 ,PA75, PA76, PA77, PA78, PA80, PA81, PA82, PA83, PA84 ,PA85, PA86, PA87, PA88, PA98

Zone 7: IM ,JE1 ,JE2, JE3, JE4 ,JE5, GY1, GY2, GY3, GY4, GY5, GY6, GY7, GY8, PO30, PO31, PO32 ,PO33, PO34, PO35, PO36, PO37 PO38, PO39, PO40, PO41, GY9, GY10.

Prices Below

Small Products
Small product prices start from £8.98 and go up depending on how many items you are ordering.

Large Products
Zone 1: £29.99 or free on orders over £399
Zone 2: £49.99 or free on orders over £399
Zone 3: £69.99 per order
Zone 4: £99.99 per order
Zone 5: £105 per pallet
Zone 6: £124 per pallet
Zone 7: £214 per pallet

To confirm prices please add your product to the cart and enter your postcode, or contact us.