Enclosure Enrichment | Part 1

Rabbit’s need lots of stimulation to keep their body and mind active. In the wild, their constant search for food and look out for predators keeps them pretty busy, but our pet bunnies feel far more secure at home and tend to have regular meal times. This can lead to them becoming a bit lazy, […]

Winter Is Coming!

All too soon the lazy hazy days of summer are behind us. It’s important that you get your rabbits outdoor enclosures ready for winter before the weather turns nasty. They need to be well sheltered from draughts, rain, flooding and of course kept snugly warm. It is still vital however, that they have permanent access […]

Single Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo

  Your rabbit is your pride and joy. If your rabbit lives outdoors then a hutch could be his / her home. Rabbits rely heavily on their hutches for safety and comfort and therefore the housing is one of the most important purchases you are likely to ever make for your rabbit.   Although hutches […]