Enclosure Enrichment | Part 1

Rabbit’s need lots of stimulation to keep their body and mind active. In the wild, their constant search for food and look out for predators keeps them pretty busy, but our pet bunnies feel far more secure at home and tend to have regular meal times. This can lead to them becoming a bit lazy, […]

Winter Is Coming!

All too soon the lazy hazy days of summer are behind us. It’s important that you get your rabbits outdoor enclosures ready for winter before the weather turns nasty. They need to be well sheltered from draughts, rain, flooding and of course kept snugly warm. It is still vital however, that they have permanent access […]

10 things you need to know about pet rabbits – From Best4bunny

Below are 10 rabbits facts you need to know about pet rabbits. Rabbits make the perfect pet Whether you keep rabbits indoors or outdoors, they make a wonderful addition to any home. They are such beautiful, intelligent and gentle animals and they are easy to house train and toilet train too. They are most active […]

Let’s petition the government in the UK to introduce a Code of Practice for Rabbits

Approximately 1.6 million rabbits are kept as pets in the UK making them the third most popular pet after cats and dogs. Unlike cats and dogs there is no Code of Practice that exists to protect their welfare. Camp Nibble and Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) are two organisations that are working hard to change this […]